3 questions to ask your poly water tank supplier

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If you're considering buying a polyethylene water tank, there are a wealth of suppliers on hand to help you choose the right model for the right price.

But what should you be looking for and what questions should you ask to make sure you get the best possible poly water tank? Here are a few examples:

1) What size do I need?

Your poly water tank supplier will help you determine how much water your property is able to collect. Before visiting them, consider taking some notes.

Every millimetre of rain water that falls on each square metre of roof will capture one litre for your tank. The bigger your property, the bigger the tank can theoretically be and the more water you're able to store.

However, this also depends on the amount of room you have for your tank, so it helps to come with your maximum space dimensions. Using this information, a supplier can look at a range of tank styles to suit your needs.

2) How long is the warranty?

The technology that turns polyethylene resin into a finished rainwater tank has come on in leaps and bounds in the past few decades. Using rotational moulding, most manufacturers can make a water tank as one solid piece of plastic, meaning no weak spots and no need for internal supporting poles in the tank.

This has also allowed manufacturers to provide longer warranties, so be sure to ask this question when out shopping.

3) Is it made from Australian polyethylene?

Australia's harsh climate tests all outdoor property. From stormy weather to the fierce sun, a polyethylene rainwater tank needs to be made to Australian standards.

Alkatuff is the only Australian-made polyethylene for water tanks, meaning it is the only one built especially for Australian conditions. Therefore, be sure to ask your local supplier for a water tank made from Alkatuff so you know it's built to last.

By David Francis

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