The benefits of a rotomoulded poly water tank

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If you've ever been in the market for a polyethylene water tank for your property, chances are you've come across the term rotational moulding, or simply "rotomoulding". But what exactly does this form of tank manufacture entail, and what benefits are associated with it?

Rotomoulding is a method used to create rainwater tanks and other hollow vessels out of materials such as polyethylene. The process involves filling the rotational mould with the polymer powder (or resin) and continuously rotating it along two axes while applying heat.

Afterwards, the mould is cooled to solidify the material and form the final product.

Rotational moulding comes with many distinct advantages over other types of plastic manufacture, such as injection moulding. Firstly, the nature of rotomoulding means just one piece of plastic is used to create the entire product, no matter how large. This means rotomoulded poly water tanks will have no seams – which can act as points of weakness.

The rotomoulding process also produces rainwater tanks with uniform wall thickness, again enhancing product quality and its structural strength. A rotomoulded tank will offer the best resistance against creep and environmental stress cracking.

Not to mention the general advantages of choosing a poly water tank – a plastic tank is more lightweight and cost-effective than those made from other materials, while retaining a high level of strength and durability. Polyethylene is also one of the safest materials for rainwater tank manufacture as it won't corrode or affect the safety and quality of the stored water.

Add a valuable investment to your property this year by choosing a high-quality, rotomoulded poly water tank – and make sure you buy one made from Alkatuff, the polyethylene that will last in Australia's tough sun.

By Gerald Beckton

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