3 ways to use the water in your poly tank

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Australia has a historic headache when it comes to using water. Not only is it quite scarce across much of the country, it's also costly. That's why many people turn to their polyethylene water tanks for a sustainable and reliable source of water.

A poly water tank harvests approximately one litre of water for every millimetre of rain that falls on each square metre of your roof. This quickly adds up, providing potentially tens of thousands of litres for for a home to use whenever it's needed.

Reducing water wastage and the utility bill are two common reasons to buy a water tank. So, with both of those in mind, how can the stored water be used?

1) Running appliances

According to Greenpeace Australia, household appliances account for 30 per cent of all home energy use. These can also be very inefficient at using water. The Cambridge Water Company says that a washing machine needs between 50-100 litres of water for just one full load, while a dishwasher uses around 12-20 litres.

It doesn't take much to work out the amount of water just these two appliances use each week – and how much you can save by relying on the water naturally sourced from your tank.

2) Flushing the toilet

Savewater found that the average household toilet uses approximately 14 per cent of drinking-quality water in the home. With a water-storage scheme, homeowners can use the water that falls on their property for this rather simple task.

3) Washing the car

How much water do you use to wash your car? The answer may surprise you. According to Greenpeace Australia, as much as 500 litres of water are needed to give your car a sparkle. When that's coming straight from the utility company, it becomes a costly and wasteful exercise. The water in your poly tank, meanwhile, is an ideal – and free – substitute.

To buy a poly water tank, contact your local supplier – and be sure to ask for a tank made from Alkatuff to make sure it's built to Australia's specific challenges.

By David Francis

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