Poly water tanks: Why buy Australian?

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Australians have been known throughout history for being at the forefront of quality manufacturing. From ultrasound technology to the black box flight recorder, people Down Under have been revolutionising global manufacturing for decades.

But did you also know that Australian polyethylene water tanks are some of the toughest around? When you consider what they have to stand up to, it's really no surprise.

The Australian climate is notably hot and dry, and solar radiation is harsher than it is in many other regions of the world. Such a metric is measured in kLy (kcal/cm²/year), with global regions like Southeast Asia and Europe recording around 120kLy.

By comparison, Australia records almost double that amount – caused in no small part by the depleting ozone layer above our area of the globe. Such high UV exposure takes its toll on all things, including the slow deterioration of outdoor equipment.

For this reason, a polyethylene water tank needs to be built for the conditions. One manufactured in Asia will not need to have superior UV protection, so it simply won't be made with this in mind.

However, a product built in Australia and to Australian conditions can focus on meeting the challenges of our beautiful but harsh environment. If we continue discussing UV resistance, Australia has a relatively high minimum standard, with polyethylene water tanks having to meet UV8 requirements.

This is all well and good, but Australia's solar exposure is only getting worse, so a water tank buyer needs to plan for the future. A poly water tank made from Alkatuff reaches a standard of UV20, giving that extra security so it can stand up to whatever the environment throws at it.

If your poly water tank is not made from Alkatuff, it's not made in Australia, so it's not manufactured with our specific conditions in mind. To ensure you find the product you need, get in touch with your local water tank manufacturer.

For example, Gough Plastics help Queenslanders cope in one of the most testing Australian environments.

By Gerald Beckton

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