The great debate: What type of poly water tank to buy

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Virtually any Australian property can save money and reduce water wastage by installing a polyethylene water tank. Choosing a tank is rather simple, as there are few choices to make to get the most out of a water storage scheme.

There are three main types of water tank in terms of shape and application: a slimline tank, a larger round variant, or a version designed to be stored underground. We take a look at the characteristics of each:

1) Slimline water tanks

These smaller designs are ideal for properties where space is at a premium. Whether it's standing on your decking or tucked away in a corner, smaller poly water tanks have the ability to fade into the background, while still providing those important water resources.

2) Round water tanks

Perhaps the type of tank most recognisable for some, if your property needs vast amounts of water to see you through the dry Australian months, round water tanks can hold tens of thousands of litres.

Their structural integrity is assured through a rigorous design and manufacturing process, while the use of polyethylene resin helps to ensure it is built to cope with the tough Australian climate.

3) Underground water tanks

An underground water tank in many ways provides the best of both worlds. With both a high water-storage capacity and the ability to save space in the property, it's a good solution for some property owners.

They're also a good option for home builders, with an underground tank able to be installed during the construction process to save owners from doing so later. Our earlier blog post discusses the virtues of above- and below-ground tanks in more depth.

Choosing the right poly water tank

If you're wondering which option is best for your home or business, your local poly water tank supplier will be able to help you choose.

Australia has a vast network of manufacturers, such as Tankworld in Tasmania, where experts are on hand to guide you to the tank that suits you.

By Gerald Beckton

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