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Alkatuff is an Australian made polyethylene that is specifically engineered for the production of plastic water tanks for challenging conditions. For more information on Alkatuff polyethylene, plastic water tanks, or where you can find a poly water storage solution in your state, contact your local supplier of water tanks and ask for Alkatuff® today.


Features and benefits of water tanks made from Alkatuff


C6 Toughness and Resilience

Water tanks made with Alkatuff C6 have high impact strength and superior stress crack resistance needed to maintain tank integrity and maximise lifespan in difficult conditions.  C6 PE has higher stress crack resistance than C4 PE.
Tough in the Sun, high UV performance UV resistance added at more than twice the Australian and New Zealand standard.  Australia’s conditions are unique and require UV addition specific to local requirements.  Alkatuff UV20 ensures water tanks stay tough in the sun.
High Performance Alkatuff quality systems comply with ISO9001 and include full batch traceability ensuring the highest quality and consistency in performance.
Proven Performance Alkatuff has been performing in water tanks in Australia for over 20 years.
Technical Support mprove performance.  For example, Alkatuff PE has been tested to 40degC for creep resistance, a critical performance parameter for long term water storage.
Alkatuff exceeds the ESCR standard The Australian and New Zealand tank standard ASNZS4766 requires the PE to have an environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR) above 500hrs. The ESCR performance of Alkatuff LL711UV is over 1000hrs. This is a measure of resistance to slow crack growth and increases the life of your water tank.

What are the advantages of polyethylene water tanks made from Alkatuff?

There are many benefits to installing a water tank on your property. As a material tailor-made for Australian conditions, Alkatuff polyethylene exceeds the national standards for water tank production in a number of ways.

  • Proven Environmental Stress Crack Resistance:
    Alkatuff polyethylene water tanks boast superior stress crack resistance, thanks to a hexene (C6) comonomer which imparts performance that is significantly superior to the sometimes used butene (C4) resins. AS/NZS 4766 testing requires a notched sample of moulded water tank material be able to withstand 500 hours of exposure to an aggressive test reagent, but Alkatuff polyethylene can endure double that.
  • Exceptional UV resistance:
    Australia’s abundant sunlight is both a gift and a curse – great for days on the beach, not so good when solar radiation degrades and compromises the performance of your assets. Fortunately, Alkatuff polyethylene boasts UV resistance over double the current Australian standard. This means water tanks made from Alkatuff polyethylene are made from a material that is exhaustively tested under the prescribed conditions of the Australian tank standard where it performed superbly after being subjected to over 20,000 hours of laboratory controlled irradiance, temperature, humidity and repeated rain cycles.
  • High thermal stability:
    Even in the harshest of environments, Alkatuff polyethylene maintains a high level of quality and superior creep resistance. Designers will appreciate Alkatuff’s 40 degrees Celsius creep data, allowing them to design for the harshest conditions with absolute confidence. Poly water tanks don’t rust and will maintain their appearance for far longer than other alternatives, which means that you can rely on water tanks made from Alkatuff polyethylene to remain in exceptional condition many years after initial purchase and installation.
  • Versatility and customisation:
    Alkatuff polyethylene can be moulded into a wide variety of shapes and designs. Although the exact options available will depend on your water tank supplier, you can rest assured there is a poly tank out there to fit your unique needs and the requirements of your property.
  • Consistent quality and performance:
    In addition to these qualities, all Alkatuff polyethylene products also benefit from stringent quality control and batch testing processes. The makers of Alkatuff have implemented a strict quality assurance regime in order to ensure all product complies with ISO9001 – an international set of standards regarding compliance with the fundamentals of quality management.

Science behind Alkatuff

With its unique combination of easy moulding and superior in-service performance, Alkatuff® ignited the poly tank market and has been driving it ever since.


5 Questions to Ask

More and more Australians are realising the benefits of investing in a poly water tank. You could help the environment, benefit from low water bills and guarantee a steady year round water supply. So, how do you go about choosing a tank that will look great and last in the challenging Australian climate?

Watch our video and discover the benefits of purchasing an Alkatuff tank.
If purchasing a poly tank these are the five questions you must ask.
Alkatuff® LLDPE Brochure
Designed to exceed the Australian Standards, Alkatuff® is Australia’s answer to strong and durable resin.
A comprehensive guide to polyethylene rotational moulding including grade selection, process & equipment and moulding properties.
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