Victoria launches new plan to combat water challenges

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Victoria may be known as the Garden State, but few know the work that goes into keeping the territory green and healthy. The state's often sporadic rainfall patterns make it difficult for homes and businesses to function, especially when droughts put pressure on the amount of water available to them.

Many Victorians opt to rely on a polyethylene rainwater tank to make sure they have the resources to keep themselves going, adding extra security to their water needs. That collected rain can be used in various ways, from running household appliances, business-critical machinery and, yes, keeping the garden fresh and healthy.

Fortunately, state authorities have identified the issue of water shortage as a priority area, with the Victorian government recently announcing a new plan to combat the challenges that lie ahead.

More than 1,400 residents expressed interest in joining Victoria's new-look water corporation boards, which have been revitalised to meet the challenges of local homeowners and industries. The aim is to create smarter water-management policies to help improve water resources in the state in the face of climate change and a quickly growing population.

Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water Lisa Neville said this team will help communities manage their water needs more efficiently.

"The new composition of Victoria's water corporation boards will better reflect our new approach to water management and will be instrumental in helping deliver the Andrews Labor Government's water plan," she began in a September 29 announcement.

"Our priorities include providing investment and security of supply for the irrigation sector, addressing the impacts of climate change, maintaining and improving the health of our rivers and environment and supporting the economic, social and recreational needs of communities across the state."

If you want to do your part, your local poly water tank supplier can help. Flexdrive Tank Solutions, for instance, have a range of products to help you meet your water-storage goals. To make sure you make a smart investment, ask for a tank made from Alkatuff to ensure it's built for Australian conditions.

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