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Types :
Slimline Water Tanks, Round Water Tanks

Sizes :
1,100 Litres – 10,400 Litres

Description :

Flexdrive Tank Solutions

Flexdrive Tank Solutions is a company based out of Victoria. An Australian-owned and -operated business, the team supply a range of polyethylene water tanks to homes and businesses in the Garden State.

Like much of Australia, the southern territory is famed for its dry spells, interspersed with periods of sometimes heavy rain. However, when the water from the rainy period can be collected and stored in a quality poly water tank, it means users have a good resource to turn to when the drier months strike.

It also means a poly water tank needs to be built with Australian conditions in mind, to stand up to the sun, storms and other climate events that constantly impact our outdoor property. With this local knowledge in mind, Flexdrive uses a rotational moulding manufacturing method to make sure its products are built to Aussie standards.

Importantly, the engineers use UV-resistant, food-grade polyethylene. They then use the rotomoulding process to form a poly water tank of exceptional quality. The polyethylene resin is distributed evenly around the mould, making for uniform thickness with no weak spots.

This allows Flexdrive to back all its products with a 10-year repair or replacement warranty.

So, what tanks are available from the Victorian supplier? Flexdrive manufactures both slimline and round polyethylene water tanks, meaning there are options depending on the space available on your property.

The 1,100-litre rainwater tank gives ample resources for those households who will dip into their reserves every now and again. Meanwhile, the range extends to a 10,400-litre model, for those who require a little more water for more intensive tasks.

Flexdrive also has a wide catalogue of colours to choose from (26 in fact), and the company's website provides advice on matching your colour to your property using its colour comparator table.

For a complete water-storage solution, the team will provide you with all you need to get your plans up and running, including electric pumps and enclosures, water-pressure gauges and hose kits. Your tank can also be built with a choice of outlet locations, depending on the model you go for.

Finally, Flexdrive prides itself on building custom-made poly water tanks for a variety of applications, so buyers know they have a product that perfectly suits their needs. To discuss your requirements, the team can be contacted through the company's website.

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