Queensland’s wild weather calls for quality poly water tanks

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Winter may be behind us, but property owners in Queensland may yet feel the pinch when it comes to unpredictable and destructive weather. The Sunshine State often lives up to its name, but residents will know that "The Cyclone State" could be an equally appropriate nickname.

It's one reason why people looking to buy a polyethylene water tank in Queensland are encouraged to aim for quality. The sun's damaging rays not only test the standards of a poly water tank, but the stormy season is also a trying time for such outdoor products. The wrong choice could easily end in splits, cracks or total failure in a cheap poly water tank.

The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) recently called for more attention on securing Queensland property against the risk of cyclone and storm damage, particularly those in the northern portion of the state.

"The cost of insurance claims in North Queensland are five times higher than in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and … insurers pay out $1.40 for every $1 they have been receiving in premiums for many years," the ICA explained.

"Insurers have paid more than $3.4 billion in cyclone-related claims in North Queensland since 2008."

The warning becomes real when we consider ICA research into the most catastrophic events to hit Australian communities in modern times. Of the 10 most costly, five were situated in Queensland, with the most extreme storm costing an estimated $2 billion in property damage.

The difference between a poor and a great poly water tank become clear in testing Australian conditions, making it important to buy a tank that is built with local conditions in mind.

Alkatuff is the only Australian-made polyethylene for water tanks. Manufacturers use Alkatuff materials to create products that are built specifically for Australian weather – not for the less intense Chinese or US conditions, for example.

Water tank suppliers in Queensland know what is required in a poly water tank, so they can help find the right product for your water-storage needs.

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