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Types :
Aboveground Round Water Tanks, Slimline Water Tanks, Squat Water Tanks, Tall Water Tanks

Sizes :
2,200 Litres – 45,900 Litres

Description :


As a supplier for high-quality water tanks in Queensland, Nu-Tank lives by a three-part policy of cleanliness, strength and reliability. To ensure all of these important requirements are met, the supplier focuses on the manufacturing process to ensure they are supplying customers with a tank at the height of specification.

Nu-Tank is a family-operated business based in Rockhampton. In their own words, they are a regional business aiming to serve regional customers using the expertise of regional Australians.

As the second generation of owners, Nu-Tank has taken an innovative stance in ensuring the company is still around for the third generation.

First, the company supply a broad range of water tanks, including slimline, tall, round, squat, as well as above- and below-ground variants. The storage volume of these start from 140 litres and stop at an impressive 45,995 litres, meaning there is usually something for everyone in their classic range.

However, they are also masters of the custom-building process, using their history of manufacturing excellence to confidently meet any customer demand.

To do this, Nu-Tank has come up with a unique way to ensure all their customers get the perfect water tank, in terms of shape, height, width, colour, inlet and outlet locations, and virtually everything else.

Using their online 'Tank Builder' feature, homeowners and businesses can ensure they have a tank designed to a strict specification, meaning it will be ready to match the challenges of their property, preferences and budget every time.

These polyethylene water tanks also have self-supported roofing built in, so there's no need for internal poles or frames. By using the rotational moulding process, all products are created to be strong in even the toughest Australian environment, many featuring ribbed walls to make them even more resilient.

What's more, Nu-Tank offers poly fittings that are fused and welded to the tank to bring it to an industrial standard. Just like how your water tank is moulded into one piece to ensure it has the highest possible structural strength, the manufacturer has made sure this same level of quality is maintained in the fittings by using plastic moulded ones over fitted metal types.

Few can offer the sheer number of options of these water tank experts, and it is their 25+ years of experience and innovative thinking that has put them in the perfect place for buyers in regional Queensland.

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