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Water Tanks Darwin | Water Tanks Northern Territory

It won’t be news to anyone living in the Northern Territory that weather is a hot topic. Whether you are located in Darwin or settled in the remoteness of the Outback, the state often brings up challenges for many living in it.

The average rainfall is only around 550 millimetres, according to the Bureau of Meteorology. By contrast, neighbouring Queensland receives around 1,000 millimetres each year.

With water sparse and often hard to come by, it’s important to have a plan for the dry season. A poly water tank gives households and businesses alike the peace of mind that they can harvest rainwater when it does fall and use it when it becomes most necessary. In the process, they can dramatically reduce their water bills.

Northern Territory challenges

The challenge of living or running a business in NT is the unpredictability of the weather. In 2014, for instance, the state received 24 per cent more rain than the usual annual average. However, for only the second time in recorded history, Darwin Airport did not receive any rainfall during the month of September.

In this one instance, most of the year’s rain fell during the early monsoon season, leaving the latter part of the year dry and difficult for habitation – there’s a reason why they call it Outback Australia, after all. The challenges don’t stop at rainfall, however. With an average high of 31.9 degrees Celsius and heatwaves common across the state, the sun can be both a blessing and a curse. While it may be great for picking up a tan, such heat can cause rapid water evaporation, which will quickly take important resources out of reservoirs and leave many residents stranded.

With such a famously rugged and unpredictable environment, it’s important to have a contingency plan, and a water storage scheme that is able to stand up to anything nature can throw at it.

For this, you’ll need a water tank made from the tough stuff.

A water tank designed for the Northern Territory

Heat, rain, sun and storms – how do you approach building a water tank that will last for years in such a tough setting?

First, you start by choosing a model made from a material that has been specially designed for the Australian environment. A polyethylene water tank is able to avoid deterioration in the sun, and is constructed on a physical level to cope with both a stormy season and common daily stresses.

What’s more, a tank needs to be highly functional and versatile, so both businesses and households can use one to best effect. Whether that is as a simple storage container or the means to gather and distribute water around the property, a poly water tank is a smart way to go.

By investing in quality, you can be sure that a small investment now will set you up long into the future, ensuring you have water on hand no matter what time of year it is.

Alkatuff is designed above specification, making it an incredibly durable option for a water tank. With high levels of UV, creep and stress crack resistance, a water tank made in this way is capable of fighting off sun, storms and even the ravages of time.

If you want to ensure your new water tank is able to withstand the harshest Northern Territory environment, ask for Alkatuff by name.

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