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Master Tanks

Phone : 08 8443 9061

Address : 230 Richmond Road, Marleston SA 5033

Types :
Poly Water Tanks, Slimline Water Tanks

Sizes :
340 Litres – 23,000 Litres

Description :

Master Tanks

Living in South Australia is a double-edged sword. Adelaide, for example, is one of the driest cities in Australia, particularly when compared with other state capitals.

With only 550 millimetres of water falling on the southern city in any given year, it's significantly drier than Brisbane and Sydney, both of which get almost double that annual amount.

The positive is that residents get to live in a warm environment; the downside: water can be sparse if property owners don't plan ahead.

This is where a local water tank supplier comes in, providing a custom-made product for homeowners or businesses.

Master Tanks is a business ran by father-and-son team, John and David Christopher. The pair has spent years perfecting their trade, with the elder passing his knowledge on to make sure the family business continues for another generation.

With the company established in 1977, Master Tanks certainly lives up to its name as a purveyor of high-quality, expertly crafted water storage solutions.

Whether you're a business or a homeowner, this is the first and last step in ensuring that you have enough water to last during the dry periods, with rainwater collected and stored when it does fall.

Of course, this all balances on choosing the right product, in terms of material, size and other personal preferences.

Take the material, for instance; polyethylene is the go-to substance for water tank construction. A good polyethylene resin can be melted and crafted using a unique process called rotomoulding. This ensures an even spread of plastic and makes for a strong, weld-free construction.

Polyethylene is also designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment, which is why Master Tanks use it to make their strongest water tanks. Then comes size. Master Tanks have a range of products created to suit a wide range of applications.

This starts at a 340-litre tank, designed to allow small amounts of water storage. At the far end of the scale is the 23,000-litre water tank, for those who want to ensure they have ample reserves at any time of year.

Master Tanks catalogue also touches many sizes in between, and included round and slimline variants to match the spacial needs of a property.

Finally, the Master Tanks team position themselves as advisors, so are approachable for any questions you may have when buying a water tank in South Australia. The Adelaide based company will help make sure your tank is the right colour, has the correct inlet positions and includes any accessories you may need.

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