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Water Tanks Auckland | Water Tanks New Zealand

According to data from the Met Service NZ, Auckland receives around 1,200 mm of rain each year on average. With over 135 rain days per year, a sizeable poly water tank can help harvest sufficient rainwater to last through an extended dry period. Statistics indicate that over 50% of water consumed by a household is used for flushing toilets and watering the garden.

Harvested rainwater reduces the requirement for mains water supply and can potentially save thousands of dollars. Installing a poly tank helps minimise our environmental footprint, reducing the demand on mains water and lessening the amount of stormwater runoff into rivers and oceans.

Why poly water tanks?

Auckland has an abundance of rain in June, July and August. In fact long term records indicate around 390 mm falls in Auckland over that three month period. In a domestic application a household roof acts as one of the best rainfall catchment mechanisms. Harvesting rainwater from your roof into a polyethylene tank will help maximise the capture and storage of Auckland’s annual rainfall, minimise overflow and provide an independent water supply during drier periods.

Rainwater that is captured and stored correctly is a safe, economical and sustainable source of household water. Polyethylene tanks can form part of an integrated system that provides safe clean water when it is needed. Components of a well-designed system include gutter mesh systems to prevent gutters from being blocked by leaves and debris and also to prevent mosquitos’ from breeding. Fitting rain heads to gutter downpipes can separate leaves and debris from the flow of water and keep insects out of pipe systems. Diversion mechanisms that prevent the first flush of rainwater from entering the tank minimise the amount of pollutants from the roof. Polyethylene tanks can also be supplied with insect proofing on all openings including inlets and overflow to minimise breeding.

A water tank built for New Zealand conditions

In order to get the most out of a water tank in Auckland, it makes sense to choose a tank that is built to suit local conditions. A water tank made of polyethylene will provide a lifetime of service in the supply of safe, clean water.

Poly tanks are manufactured using high quality, food grade resins and come in all shapes and sizes to suit any application. For example a round, squat tank will fit well under a deck, while slimline tanks are good for narrow spaces such as the side of the house under the eaves. Unlike some galvanised tanks that can impart a metallic taste due to the leaching of excess zinc when a new tank is first filled or some concrete tanks that can release excess lime leading to high pH levels, polyethylene tanks are a safe way of storing clean, taint free harvested water.

Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit your specific needs, you’ll be able to find an appropriate solution, whatever your requirements.

Watch our video and discover the benefits of purchasing an Alkatuff tank.
If purchasing a poly tank these are the five questions you must ask.
Alkatuff® LLDPE Brochure
Designed to exceed the Australian Standards, Alkatuff® is Australia’s answer to strong and durable resin.
A comprehensive guide to polyethylene rotational moulding including grade selection, process & equipment and moulding properties.
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