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Address : 15 Horotiu Rd, Horotiu, NEW ZEALAND

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5,250 to 30,000 ltr

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RX Plastics

RX Plastics has a range of water storage solutions, with manufacturing facilities in Hamilton and Ashburton. The entire process from tank design and manufacture through to the finished product is compliant with the demanding design and manufacturing standard AS/NZS 4766. RX Plastics offers a range of Round and Slimline tanks that are UV stabilised, food grade polyethylene (FDA approved). All feature resistance to algae growth and are Lab tested to ensure each tank meets strict guidelines. RX Plastics uses diagnostic tooling during the manufacturing stage to ensure heating and cooling cycles are optimised. All tanks are made with one piece construction for strong robust tanks and the size of the tanks in (litres) refers to actual amount of usable water storage. RX Plastics is dedicated to exploring new ways of providing tank durability and monitoring methods, including the integration of smart water level meters. Which is why RX plastics offer a comprehensive range of applications from storing to distributing potable water. RX Plastics Slimline Water Tanks offer a Compact footprint requiring a smaller pad area and are Designed to maximise under eaves installation. Using a high strength cylindrical design and high quality food grade and UV resistant materials, Slimline Water Tanks are available in a range of 11 colours and offers both linear and corner configurations. RX Plastics MAX™ tanks comes in a range of sizes, offering 10,000 to 30,000 ltr capacity on the North Island and 15,000 to 30,000 ltr on the South Island. Available in four colours, MAX™ tanks are easy to install and suited to any industrial, agricultural or domestic application. Additional features include a Frost Protection Unit to ensure availability and flow of water, and prevent the ballcock from freezing in colder weather. The Fire/Water Reserve kit ensures that if there is a fire, fire-fighters can access water immediately. RX Plastics has made recent changes to its 30,000 litre tank moulds, adding new features that include smart water level meters that allow levels to be monitored wirelessly.

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