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Water Tanks South Island | Water Tanks New Zealand

The regions of the South Island of New Zealand vary widely in annual rainfall. For example the West Coast of the South Island is the wettest area of New Zealand, whereas the area to the east of the mountains, just over 100 km away, is the driest. According to the latest data from the Met Service NZ, the South Island receives close to 800 mm of rain a year on average, with winter being the driest season in several regions including Dunedin.

This means that during this period water becomes a limited and valuable commodity. Installing a polyethylene tank enables the harvesting and storage of rainfall and can provide an independent supply of water during the drier periods of winter.

Why poly water tanks?

Harvesting rainwater and storing it in a polyethylene tank provides savings by reducing demand on reticulated water supplies. At a broader community level, the harvesting of rainwater has the potential to delay the need for new water supply infrastructure, minimise the reliance on water storage dams and reduce the need for spending on stormwater infrastructure.

Polyethylene tanks are manufactured to withstand harsh and varied climatic conditions such as are found on the South Island. Poly tanks are UV stabilised and carefully manufactured through a rotational moulding process that ensures long term structural strength. One of the key features of a poly tank is that it is not susceptible to rust or corrosion and is impact resistant. The polyethylene used is always food grade which means that correctly harvested and stored tank water will be taint free. Unlike some galvanised steel tanks that can leave a metallic taste, poly tanks can be a significant source of high quality drinking water. Polyethylene tanks are certified to meet the requirements of the AS/NZS 4766 standard.

A water tank built for New Zealand’s South Island conditions.

Conditions vary widely across the South Island from the West Coast, which experiences enormous rainfall to the semi-arid areas in the McKenzie Basin region. Polyethylene water tanks are designed to withstand the island’s variable climate. From Christchurch, the country’s driest city to Invercargill, the region’s wettest, receiving 1150mm rain annually, polyethylene tanks can be specified to store the volumes required to meet the demands of the driest periods.

Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit your specific needs, you’ll be able to find an appropriate solution, whatever your requirements.

Watch our video and discover the benefits of purchasing an Alkatuff tank.
If purchasing a poly tank these are the five questions you must ask.
Alkatuff® LLDPE Brochure
Designed to exceed the Australian Standards, Alkatuff® is Australia’s answer to strong and durable resin.
A comprehensive guide to polyethylene rotational moulding including grade selection, process & equipment and moulding properties.
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