Enviro Water Tanks

Enviro Water Tanks

Phone : 1300 737 210, (02) 4577 5560

Fax : (02) 4577 3750

Address : 23-25 Walker Street, South Windsor NSW 2756

Types :
Round, Slimline, Under deck

Sizes :
1,000 litres to 10,000 litres

Description :

Enviro Water Tanks

Based in New South Wales and catering to customers across the country, Enviro Water Tanks is a leading supplier of quality polyethylene water tanks in Australia.

You'll find an extensive range of Enviro plastic water tanks for a variety of applications, and you can take your pick from round, slimline or under deck options. With tank sizes spanning from 1,000 litres to 10,000 litres, there is likely to be an Enviro water tank that will meet your unique requirements.

So why choose a polyethylene water tank from Enviro? For one, the company puts a lot of pride into the products they deliver, and boasts the manufacturing processes and accreditations to match.

Enviro water tanks have full AS/NZS 4766 certification, meaning they have been constructed to the highest possible level of creep resistance. You can therefore have the confidence of selecting an Enviro tank knowing that even Australia's harsh conditions will have minimal impact on its physical integrity.

Additionally, a certified structural engineer checks and approves each Enviro tank that comes off the production line, making sure it's fit for purpose and of the quality customers should expect from an Australian water tank.

All of this means that Enviro can confidently offer a full 20 year warranty on its water tanks.

Enviro water tanks aren't just built for superior performance, they look great too. Enviro offers an extensive palette of colours and shades to choose from, meaning your tank can blend in nicely with your property and surroundings, and complement rather than compromise its looks.

The company is also incredibly customer-focused and will go out of its way to cater to its clients' needs. Delivery is available to Sydney, most of New South Wales and also the ACT. In fact, delivery within the metropolitan Sydney area is free.

Enviro's tanks also come supplied with a ball valve and two overflow fittings as standard, so you can get started with installing and using your tank straight away. 

Give Enviro a call today to enquire about their product range and how Enviro tanks can meet your unique needs - they also offer onsite quotations so you get the most accurate and relevant advice. And when you do decide on an Enviro tank, make sure it's made of Alkatuff polyethylene to ensure it's tough and can last in Australian conditions.

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