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Phone : 02 4964 2212

Fax : 02 4964 1283

Address : 219 New England Hwy, Thorton NSW 2322

Types :
Round Water Tanks, Slimline Water Tanks, ThinTanks™, Underdeck Water Tanks

Sizes :
600 Litres - 22,700 Litres

Description :

Basix Plastix

Basix Plastix are highly noticeable in the New South Wales poly water tank scene. If their giant, green, polyethylene mascot doesn't catch your eye, the company's excellent reputation and broad range of water tanks will.

Based in Thornton, north-west of Newcastle, Basix Plastix is suitably located to serve households and businesses alike, and meet their water storage goals with an excellent tank.

This is where the company really excels. With their versatile hands also in aquaponics, Basix Plastix know what it takes to create a more environmentally and economically sustainable home or business.

Using this passion and knowledge, the company will find the right size poly water tank for the right price, allowing you to begin reducing your utility bills and reliance on heavily processed water from the grid.

By harnessing rainwater, a household has a constant supply of fresh water for use in a range of tasks - from washing the dishes to watering the garden. Similarly, a business can put recycled water to use in a variety of forms, such as watering crops, cooling machinery or flushing staff toilets.

Of course, for these differing tasks, some expertise is needed to make sure both home and business owners get the right model for the job - one that is large enough to meet their specific needs.

Fortunately, this is where Basix Plastix shines, using their vast knowledge and wide range of poly water tanks to provide any buyer with a variety of options.

Their stores are filled with round, slimline and under-deck water tanks - as well as ThinTanks™ for those with very little outside space to spare. These range from 600 - 22,700 litres, so you can see there is a tank for virtually anyone.

By using the rotational moulding technique, the tanks are made from a solid piece of polyethylene.

When the resin used in this unique manufacturing process is also of the highest grade, you end up with a poly water tank that is purpose-built for the Australian environment - for that, you need Alkatuff, which is just what Basix Plastix uses.

Basix Plastix tanks are supplied as multi fit-out units, with 400-millimetre meshed fitted strainers and one-inch BSP brass inserts. They also consider their flagship feature to be an in-built child-safe system. This is a moulded section underneath the strainer to prevent access inside the tank by children.

So, if you need a poly water tank in New South Wales, give Basix Plastics a call - and be sure to ask for one made from Alkatuff to ensure it's ready to cope with anything you and the Aussie climate can throw at it, for years to come.

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