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Reln Plastics

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Address : 14 Williamson Rd, Ingleburn NSW 2565

Types :
Slimline Tanks

Sizes :
2,100 Litres, 3,700 Litres

Description :

Reln Plastics

When it comes to buying a water tank in Australia - or anywhere else for that matter - you want to know it's been designed by the experts and created using the best materials.

Not only could a poorly constructed tank leave you with little water when it's needed the most, it will also cost you in the back pocket to replace.

"Buy quality, buy once" should be the motto, and that's exactly what you get by using Reln Plastics.

The drainage experts have built a country-wide recognition for their quality-assured products, and have even used their expertise to branch into the global market - showing their extraordinary skills in plastic manufacturing.

It all began in Victoria in 1955, when the company specialised in the injection moulding process. The multi-award winners even made history in Australia by designing and manufacturing the first 2,450-litre water container - a real feat of engineering in that era.

Since then, Reln has crossed the border, starting operations in New South Wales from their south-west Sydney branch in the mid 1990s. They are now well placed to dispense their expert knowledge across Australia, allowing businesses and households the chance to start a cost-effective and long-term water storage scheme.

A polyethylene water tank collects rainwater, which can then be dispersed in the garden or around the home or business premises in a number of ways.

Of course, all users are different, so finding the right water tank is important. You'll want it to slip seamlessly into your life without getting in the way, so a slimline tank is often a good option for many with little space to spare.

Reln Plastics has a 2,100-litre slimline water tank capable of providing enough rainwater for your home or company. The water can then be plumbed into the mains or used for a number of outdoor purposes to dramatically reduce the bottom line of your utility bill.

If you need more water, Reln Plastics offers a 3,700-litre drinking water tank.

With the Australian environment famously tough on outdoor items, you'll want your poly water tank to endure both harsh winters and scorching hot summers. By asking your supplier for Alkatuff, you'll be sure to get the best out of your tank for years to come.

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