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Gough Plastics

Phone : 1800 069 805 or 07 4758 6400

Fax : 07 4774 7608

Address : 883 Ingham Road, Bohle Townsville QLD 4817

Types :
Round Water Tanks, Slimline Water Tanks

Sizes :
375 Litres – 10,000 Litres

Description :

Gough Plastics

Many parts of Queensland are exposed to the elements. The east coast is historically one that sees its fair share of sun and storms, so when it comes to buying a poly water tank in Queensland, it's good to know you have a local, expert supplier on hand.

Gough Plastics is a family-owned company based out of Townsville with a history of excellence when it comes to designing and building water tanks at the height of specification - and for that task, they rely on Alkatuff.

Using their expertise in the rotational moulding process, Gough Plastic makes a range of products for both the business and consumer markets.

Arguably the most impressive of these is the company's range of polyethylene water tanks, which are purpose-built to stand up to the trials of a changeable Queensland environment.

The Sunshine State no doubt gets its fair share of warm weather, and a poly water tank will need to resist UV deterioration if it's to give its owner years of loyal service. What's more, when the rain hits, you'll want your tank to take in as much water as possible, without becoming damaged in a storm.

By choosing your supplier carefully, you give yourself the best chance of meeting both of these criteria - and we recommend Gough Plastics to ensure quality.

Importantly, the water tanks designed and manufactured by Gough range from the small 600-litre variety all the way up to ones capable of storing 10,000 litres of clean and clear rainwater ready for use.

This provides usable water that can be applied in a number of ways - for a household or a business. In basic terms, a tank can store the water used to wash your car and water the garden. However, to really see those utility bills fall, virtually any property can be integrated to use rainwater hygienically in the kitchen, bathroom or around the workplace.

The only way to do this is to choose a tank that suits your needs, which is why Gough Plastics has everything from slimline tanks to large round variants, depending on the amount of space in your property and your intended level of usage.

With the passion, spirit and expertise shown by the Queensland manufacturer, we're sure they'll be able to guide you to your perfect poly water tank made from Alkatuff - the polyethylene that's built with the Aussie environment in mind.

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