Terracorp Industries

Terracorp Industries

Phone : 1300 784 489

Address : 9 Beresford Road, Yarrawonga, Palmerston NT 0830

Types :
Round Water Tanks, Slimline Water Tanks

Sizes :
550 Litres – 30,000 Litres

Description :

Terracorp Industries

In the hot, dry and dusty parts of the world, a polyethylene water tank is a great resource. Perhaps one of the locations most synonymous with these characteristics is the Northern Territory.

Outback Australia has a reputation for being tough beyond that of many other Australian states. Even in cities such as Darwin, the heat can put serious stresses on businesses and households alike.

You don't need us to tell you that water is essential to all life, and when you spend much of the year waiting for the rainfall, times can get tense. That's why many people choose to install a poly water tank on their premises - to give themselves peace of mind that a long summer won't leave them high and dry.

That security is not wasted should your property get an abundance of rainfall either. The water collected and stored in your water tank can be put to use in a huge variety of ways, allowing you to reduce both your utility bill and environmental impact at the same time.

With these things in mind, let us introduce you to Terracorp Industries - one of Australia's leading suppliers of water tanks.

Terracorp Industries was established in 2011 as an extension of Terracorp NT - a family-owned business that has been in operation for more than 16 years.

Starting out as providers of fencing and property development services, the company has a much greater focus now. The dedicated staff at Terracorp have excelled in making themselves the go-to people for those wanting to start a water storage scheme in the Northern Territory.

With a catalogue of tanks that ranges from a 550-litre ribbed unit to large, 30,000-litre tanks, plus everything in between, homeowners and businesses have experts on hand to help them get started.

A small or slimline tank is perfect to take some of your water usage off the grid - for hydrating plants or providing everyday drinking water for a small home or office, for example. Then, for people who want to see their bills dramatically plummet, large round tanks manufactured to the height of specification can give you a field of options.

For instance, Terracorp Industries can create an integrated system that sees a number of 30,000-litre tanks plumbed together, providing huge amounts of naturally harvested rainwater for large agricultural jobs - such as spraying crops or as drinking water for livestock.

As experts in the rotational moulding process, Terracorp knows what it takes to make a great water tank, one able to cope with the pressures, stresses and strains of the tough NT environment. That's why they choose Alkatuff to make sure the polyethylene used in the process is as strong as it can be - giving you value for money.

For more information, contact the experts and see what they can do for you.

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