What to think about when buying a water tank in the Northern Territory

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The Northern Territory is perhaps where people's minds wander to when they think of the typical Australian Outback. Of course, it's not all dusty roads and dry deserts; although the weather in the extreme north is an issue for many.

Droughts are reasonably common – especially in El Niño weather periods, which we are now officially in, according to a recent announcement by the Bureau of Meteorology.

Considering how precious water is, many households and businesses alike choose to invest in a water tank to make sure they can store and use water throughout the year. This is on top of the money-saving prospects from taking water usage off the grid.

So, what do property owners need to know about buying a water tank in NT?

UV damage

The sun is not only dangerous to people – with solar ultraviolet (UV) a known carcinogen – it has its effect on all things.

UV damage is particularly noticeable in products that spend their entire life outdoors. In Northern Territory, where the sun is typically at its hottest and most damaging, it is an issue that tank buyers need to be ready for.

The Bureau of Meteorology have a UV index scale to help people take care. This ranges from:

  • Low (levels 1 and 2)
  • Medium (levels 3,4, and 5)
  • High (6 and 7)
  • Very High (8,9 and 10)
  • Extreme (11+)

Even now, on the cusp of winter, the latest predictions for maximum UV exposure show how high these solar rays can reach in NT.

The lowest score is forecast in Yulara, with a high-medium score of 5. However, eight of the 13 regional forecasts are on the "very high" side with an index score of 9. At such a level, people are even encouraged to wear sun-protective clothing as well as high-factor sunscreen, so the same care should surely be given to property, too.

Protecting your property

For this reason, Australian manufacturers of outdoor products have to abide by a minimum UV Standard requirement, so consumers know they can buy a product that meets specification.

When it comes to polyethylene water tanks, the standard requirement is for a UV8 rating. Meanwhile, Alkatuff has a performance level of UV20 – more than twice the Australian standard requirement – making it more than capable of lasting under the harsh NT sun.

To learn more, contact your local poly water tank supplier.

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