Federal Budget 2015: Good news for water-tank buyers

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The release of the 2015 Federal Budget this month (12 May) brought some encouraging news for businesses looking into buying a water tank in the coming months.

An immediate tax break for small companies – those turning over less than $2 million a year – will give them more purchasing power. Any equipment companies buy that sits below the $20,000 mark will be eligible for an immediate tax deduction – the previous method was for these reimbursements to be spread out over several years.

Businesses could only make faster deductions on items under $1,000 in the past, so this could open the door for many to make significant company infrastructure improvements sooner rather than later.

The caveat: these small businesses have to make their purchases before the cut-off date of June 2017.

Companies are also not limited by the amount of individual $20,000 purchases they can make before that time, and many may find the incentive makes it a good time to start that important water storage scheme – particularly considering the recent drought warning from the Bureau of Metrology.

Meanwhile, irrigators were annoyed at the lack of funding allocated in this year's budget for water reclamation, as CEO of the National Irrigators Council Tom Chesson told the ABC.

"Communities already suffering from drought and water shortages won't be amused by the government's failure to commit the funds needed in the forward estimates to manage the water they have recovered for the environment," he explained.

Particularly as we head into a typically dry "El Niño" period, businesses and households alike may find they can fit a water tank onto their properties to offer insurances against dry periods. Collecting rainwater, storing and using it in a range of hygienic ways gives peace of mine to many.[Do you need to explain what an El Niño is?]

However, buying quality is important – which is why manufacturers rely on Alkatuff to make the toughest water tanks in Australia.

For instance, if you live in Northern Territory – a state often badly affected by El Niño droughts – you can contact your local poly water tank supplier to make sure you get a product that meets your requirements.

By David Francis

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