Slimline water tanks: Saving space and money

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If you're in the market for a polyethylene water tank, you may be concerned that you don't have enough space on your property. In truth, you don't need acres of room, thanks to the different types of water tanks available.

A popular option for those who find space hard to come by is a slimline polyethylene water tank. These are uniquely designed to fit snuggly into corners of the property, so are ideal for flats or smaller homes and commercial properties.

If you're the property manager of an apartment building, for instance, slimline tanks can be used to reduce your property's water bill, by collecting the rainfall that lands on the roof. When space is at a premium, you'll want to provide as much of it as possible to your tenants, which is a benefit of a slimline tank.

In 2016, these are becoming a popular option, to suit the lifestyle of the growing proportion of Australians who are choosing city-centre living. In Victoria, for example, Commonwealth Bank's Senior Economist Michael Workman told that apartments were outstripping detached housing for the first time ever.

The state will build 33,000 multi-unit dwellings this year, and 32,000 detached homes, joining Sydney in the list of regions where smaller living spaces are more popular than larger ones.

"The proximity to the city offers distinct travel advantages along with a preference shift to apartment and high-rise lifestyles," Mr Workman told the news site. "There's also no doubt that there's a lifestyle preference for the smaller living spaces, particularly for first-home buyers."

Because many people favour life on the smaller side, it doesn't mean apartments should be cramped. By choosing slimline poly water tanks over their larger cousins, space can be saved as well as money – both of which can attract potential tenants to a property.

If you need more information or help finding a poly rainwater tank, your local supplier will be able to help.

By David Francis

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