Why you need a polyethylene tank to resist the sun

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It's easy to forget just how much of an effect the sun has on the globe.

Now that Australia's in the midst of summer, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) noted that the ultraviolet (UV) index at noon is above 11 throughout much of the country. The weather authority considers rankings of 11 points and over to be "extreme" and those between 3 and 5 as "moderate". 

Given the strength of the Australian sun, consumers and business owners thinking about purchasing rainwater tanks should only procure those made from materials capable of resisting UV rays.

Why polyethylene?

Over time, intense UV energy can degrade the quality of a plastic, causing materials to become brittle. This could compromise asset performance, adding to home maintenance or business costs, depending on the plastic's application.

Polyethylene is a common polymer used to build water tanks, underground pipes, kayaks and many other products people come across on a daily basis.

In contrast to other plastics, polyethylene's UV resistance is double that of the Australian standard. The tanks made from this material undergo 20,000 hours of laboratory-controlled tests to ensure they'll be able to withstand the country's strong sun.

In a related matter, polyethylene also possesses high thermal stability. The material's creep resistance is effective in temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius, making polyethylene water tanks ideal for some of Australia's hottest areas.

Turning up the heat

Combined with the 11+ UV ratings much of Australia is experiencing midday, water tank owners need to consider just how hot the country will be over the coming months. The BOM noted that northern parts of Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia have an 80 per cent chance of experiencing higher-than-normal temperatures.

Heat and UV factors are incredibly important to consider when buying water thanks. Polyethylene products can help businesses and consumers prepare for these elements.

By Gerald Beckton 

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