Snapshot on ACT: Buying a poly water tank in the capital

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The Australian Capital Territory is unique in more than one way. As well as being the political hub of the country and the smallest of all Australian territories, the weather in Canberra and the surrounding area is one of a kind.

It may seem strange how a city built purposefully to be close to both Melbourne and Sydney has such a wildly different climate to either. While these these two coastal metropolises have around 1,000 millimetres of rainfall a year, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, Canberra receives around 600mm.

That means families and businesses in the Heart of the Nation have a particular challenge – they need to make sure they are not severely impacted by dry spells. That's why many in the ACT choose to invest in a polyethylene water tank.

Households and business owners alike have a range of tanks to choose from, and can then install a tank on their properties to store rainwater when it does arrive. This can then be plumbed into a property for everyday use, or simply dipped into for less intensive tasks, such as watering the plants.

It also opens the door to savings, using less water from utility companies, and instead taking advantage of the most natural source of water there is – rain.

However, it's not all difficult times living in the ACT. With around 100 days of rainfall a year, you might not get much, but you will likely find your water tank topped up regularly. With a lower chance of prolonged dry spells, there's a chance to live comfortably and cheaply in the country's heartland.

If you're looking at a poly rainwater tank in Canberra or anywhere else in the ACT, your local supplier will help you find a product that's fit for your needs.

By Gerald Beckton

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