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Team Poly

Phone : 1300 658 961

Address : 27 Heath Street, Lonsdale SA 5160

Types :
Round Water Tanks, Boabab Water Tanks, Slimline Water Tanks

Sizes :
545 Litres – 50,050 Litres

Description :

Team Poly SA

Based out of Lonsdale, Team Poly has been servicing Australia's polyethylene water tank needs since 1990. In that time, the company claims to have sold more than one million tanks to users of all types. This includes homeowners, farmers, businesses, as well as tanks for numerous industrial purposes. And where better place to do so than in South Australia? The state has one of the biggest water-shortage issues in the country, and Adelaide is the driest of all the state capitals. Some parts of the Festival State receive as little as 300 millimetres of rainfall per year, meaning every drop is precious. If a property can collect as much of this water as possible on its roof, and then harvest and store it in a high-quality polyethylene tank, it can have extra resources for the driest parts of the year. Rainwater is also incredibly versatile, and can be used in everything from washing the car and watering the garden to cooling business-critical machinery or running household appliances. Such a variety of functions also means that a poly water tank has to be made for the individual in terms of size, valve and outlet locations, colour and shape. You don't reach one million customers without providing a wide range of products, and Team Poly's water tank catalogue is one of the most extensive around. Starting at 545 litres and running all the way up to tanks with a 50,050-litre capacity, it's likely that virtually any user can find a water tank with the volume they need. Then, with slimline, round, underground, underdeck and Boabab™ tanks all built in-house, a broad range of styles are available. As an ISO 9001-accredited company, and specialists in the rotational-moulding method for manufacturing polyethylene water tanks, Team Poly has the knowledge and the accreditations to make tanks good enough to stand up to the fierce Australian climate. They are also fully committed to sustainability, practising what they preach for the good of the environment. In recent times, Team Poly has reduced its carbon output by more than 800 tonnes of CO2, in a bid to try and stop the global-warming effects seen across much of Australia. In the meantime, the company ensures their water tanks are able to help businesses and families save more water while reducing both wastage and money on that all-important utility bill.

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