Rota Moulding

Phone : 08 9250 1125

Fax : 08 9274 3688

Address : 14 Artello Bay Rd Midvale, Western Australia 6056

Types :
Round & Slimline Tanks

Sizes :
500 to 1,000 ltr

Description :

Rota Moulding

Rota Moulding was one of the first companies to introduce the rotationally moulded process into Western Australia. Over the years, attention to the customers exacting needs has seen the business grow to become a trusted name in the Agricultural and Industrial sectors.

Rota Moulding is a unique business in that it is a family owned operation that develops innovative solutions and manufactures in Western Australia. The company operates from Midvale and employs 14 dedicated staff to ensure the high quality standard of Rota Moulding is maintained. All the raw material and many of the ancillary components are sourced from Australia’s best manufacturers.

Rota Moulding has a vast range of propriety product from playground equipment , kayaks, electrical boxes, silo vents, pool filters and tubs for the mining industries just to name a few. One of Rota Moulding’s other specialities is moulding customers own products. Because the company has an extensive mould making facility, it can guide the customer through the whole process from an idea to reality.

Part of Rota Moulding’s catalogue is the Round Water Tank. Its unique design comprises of a one piece rotationally moulded construction of high grade Polyethylene 11UV that meets drinking water (AS4020) material standards. Design options include flat walled tanks for greater versatility, a variety of outlets and inlets, a range of colours available in mist green, merino, black and natural colours and lids that can be fitted as required. Tanks can also be welded by a plastic fabricator to suit industrial applications. Using this passion and knowledge, the company will find the right size poly water tank for the right price, allowing you to begin reducing your utility bills and reliance on heavily processed water from the grid.

Rota Moulding, is confident of its ability to produce innovative solutions for its customers. Over 30 years of practical experience, and a commitment to quality and value, go into every product that is designed, developed and manufactured. Rota Moulding go as to great lengths to ensure its moulded products are safe and as reliable. The company knows what it takes to create a more environmentally and economically sustainable home or business.

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