Polyline Industries

Polyline Industries

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Address : Lot 49 Cutler Road, Jandakot WA 6164

Types :
Slimline Water Tank

Sizes :
2,600 Litres

Description :

Polyline Industries

As manufacturers of plastic products since 1999, Polyline Industries knows what it takes to make a polyethylene water tank. The company began life through the entrepreneurial efforts of David Wilkie and David Law.

Polyline Industries supplied plastic mining products in its early life, supporting Western Australia's burgeoning resources economy. They then branched out into the marine industry, designing polyethylene boats on the western seaboard.

The natural progression was to start manufacturing high-quality poly water tanks, to help households and businesses in the area collect water in the rainy months for use when the seasons change to a drier climate.

Based in Jandakot, the company is in a great position to meet the needs of the local community. Perth's average annual rainfall is a rather low 700 millimetres, placing it beneath its wetter cousins in Melbourne and Sydney.

When as much of that rain as possible can be collected in a poly water tank and recycled in various ways, the utility bills fall and there is a back-up amount of water for when it is most needed.

To this end, Polyline Industries has put all its efforts into designing and manufacturing a 2,600-litre slimline tank that can be installed into households to provide a sustainable source of water. The signature product is designed to slip into a property seamlessly, without taking up much room. The tank is available in a range of Colourbond hues to suit individual needs - the most popular colours being rivergum, smooth cream and merino - and can be built smaller to hold 2,000 litres of water should a buyer require something a little more economical on space.

Polyline Industries also supplies inlets, leaf strainers, taps, drain bungs and overflow accessories to help buyers get the most from their water-storage efforts.

Last, but by no means least, the company manufactures its products using the rotational moulding method. This is a process where the polyethylene resin is slowly rotated around two axes. As the material cools, the product sets and creates an even wall thickness, which is a sign of a strong, long-lasting poly water tank.

If you wish to buy a slimline poly rainwater tank in Perth or the surrounding areas, Polyline Industries is one of the suppliers who can help you find a product to match your property.

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