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Address : 9 Huggett Drive Dalwallinu WA 6609

Types :
Premium Corrugated and Flat, Walled Poly Water Tanks (20 Year Warranty), Slimline Water Tanks

Sizes :
1,000 Litres – 50,000 Litres

Description :


Based in one of the country's most important industrial hubs, both households and companies in Western Australia need ready access to a reliable supply of water. Locally-based Coerco ensures it meets the water needs of those in the state, having produced top-quality polyethylene water tanks for decades.

Coerco's commitment to product quality and customer service is embedded even in its name - with its core values surrounding Reliability, Assurance, Promise, Innovation and Dignity. Whether you're looking for a 250 litre or 32,000 litre tank for your home or business, you'll find these values reflected in whichever Rapid Plastics tank you buy.

As a socially responsible organisation, Coerco also adheres to a strong policy to minimise its impact on the environment. It follows stringent protocols around the efficient use of material and resources, encouraging recycling wherever feasible. Employees are constantly trained and reminded of the importance of this and their role as environmentally responsible staff members.

The company stocks an immense range of residential and commercial tanks to meet any need. A glance through its extensive product catalogue will highlight the slimline, corrugated, Urban Minirib and flatwalled poly water tanks - in addition to the many other options - available.

Add to this a palette of 12 standard colours, and you'll find the right tank to complement your property in no time.

Coerco's tanks also meet the necessary industry standards to ensure you receive a product that will stand the test of time. The company employs strict quality assurance protocols to maintain best practices in manufacturing, and complies with the ISO 9001:2008 standard to foster continuous improvement.

Premium Tanks with a 20 Year Warranty With a full manufacturers' warranty to accompany each of its products, you'll have complete peace of mind when purchasing a tank from Coerco.

For the ultimate in convenience, Coerco also offers free delivery in an extensive portion of Western Australia. If you purchase a tank at least 9,000 litres in capacity and are based within 800 km of the Perth metropolitan area, you may be eligible for freight free of charge.

Give Coerco a call today or consult their website to find the right poly water tank for your needs. And don't forget to ask for a tank made of Alkatuff, the polyethylene that is Australian-built and tough in the sun.

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