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Alliance Moulding

Phone : 1300 760 406

Address : 58 Dellamarta Road, Wanagara WA 6065

Types :
Slimline Water Tanks, Round Water Tanks

Sizes :
350 Litres – 16,000 Litres

Description :

Alliance Moulding

In 2005, the team at Alliance Moulding brought together years of rotational moulding expertise and began business as a premier rainwater tank manufacturer.

Today, the company designs and builds a wide range of plastic products, and has a catalogue of polyethylene water tanks for homes and businesses.

Based in Wangara, Western Australia, Alliance Moulding specialises in slimline, round and underground water tanks, and supplies the area with a product that to suits an individual's needs. That might be a smaller tank for less extensive tasks, or a larger model that provides households or companies with the water resources they need throughout the year.

It helps users dramatically cut back on the amount of water they pay for. When rainwater is harvested and stored in a poly tank, it can be secured against the elements and even plumbed into a property to lower a user's reliance on expensive mains water.

By building high-quality rainwater tanks, Alliance Moulding is positioned to help those in Western Australia find a product that matches their requirements.

The range starts with the slimline water tank. Such a product is designed to fit on to properties where space is at a premium. Available in sizes that range from 350 litres to 2,000 litres, there are options available for most buyers. The company is also in the process of launching a 3,000-litre slimline tank, for those who wish to store a little extra in preparation for the dry months.

Next up is the round water tank - a classic, seen on many properties around Australia. These tend to be larger, though can be as modest as the 250-litre offering designed by Alliance Moulding. The largest product the supplier sells is a 16,000-litre round water tank, which is created for those who wish to keep more substantial amounts of water throughout the year.

Alliance's underground water tanks come in two sizes: 1,500 and 2,500 litres. Both are built to be stored under the surface, so a property can get all the benefits of a water-storage scheme without having to find too much space on their land to accommodate.

All the above-ground options come in a range of colours, including rivergum, mountain blue, dark green, heritage red and smooth cream - it all depends on your preference.

To learn more, give the team at Alliance Moulding a call and let them find a poly water tank to suit your needs.

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