Why choose an Alkatuff water tank?

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When it comes to choosing a water tank, there are a variety of different things that need to be considered when selecting a construction material. Whether its steel or plastic, there are a number of different options which each come with pros and cons.

However one product – Alkatuff, stands head and shoulders above other products. This polyethylene solution has a number of benefits which differentiate it from other resins or materials like metal. To help you choose the right solution, here are three factors which set Alkatuff apart from the rest.

UV resistance

Water tanks spend a lot of time in the sun, making it essential that they can handle the high levels of sunshine which Australia sees. Fortunately, Alkatuff is perfectly suited to these conditions, providing a durable solution for all your needs.

Alkatuff has a UV20 rating, which more than exceeds the UV8 standard that the Australian government has mandated for water tanks across the country. 

An Australian-made solution

Unlike other resins on the market, only Alkatuff is made in Australia, from gas drawn from the Bass strait. This gives buyers the peace of mind that they are buying a solution that is contributing directly to the Australian economy, without having materials shipped in from overseas.

High thermal stability

Thanks to the thermal stability that comes from using Alkatuff, water tanks made from this resin are much more durable than other solutions. This means that water tanks made from Alkatuff are much less prone to oxidation or discoloration than other products.

At the same time, this thermal stability means that the water tank will not lose any of its strength, even after years of exposure to the elements.

Choosing Alkatuff should be an obvious choice for individuals looking to get the most from their water tanks, providing peace of mind thanks to its proven track record and reputation for durability.

By David Francis

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