Tasmanian residents may find need for water tanks this summer

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Tasmania is known as one of the cooler parts of Australia, but that doesn't mean bush fires can't penetrate the island's dense forests.

At the same time, people throughout the state have access to the same resources necessary to keep their properties wet. For example, Tasmanian water tank sellers can provide homeowners and businesses with rainwater collectors to hold residents over throughout the summer.

Moderate outlook for Tasmania's summer?

The Bureau of Meteorology predicted that in Hobart, Tasmania's median maximum temperature will stand at 20.8 degrees Celsius over the course of December and February, but indicated that past forecasts have been relatively inaccurate. However, the chances of exceeding the median maximum temperature are around 50 and 55 per cent in most areas, with the far northeast being the exception.

When isolating data applicable to December, the forecast is quite different. In Hobart, the chances of the city experiencing temperatures above the median maximum (19.3 degrees Celsius) stand at 75 per cent. The northeastern corridor has an 80 per cent change of encountering temperatures above the median maximum.

Are bushfires a risk?

According to the Seasonal Bushfire Outlook from the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC (BNHCRC), there is an "above normal potential" for bushfires throughout much of Tasmania's east coast. The authority identified the Final Valley, the North and Southern Midlands, the Eastern Tiers and St Helens as potential danger zones. 

Although Tasmanians should be cognisant of these risks, they should also note that the chances of Tasmania experiencing higher rainfall than the median rate stands at 60 per cent. Collecting this rain with polyethylene water tanks could allow those on the east coast to withstand a particularly dry summer. 

In addition, the rest of Tasmania is at a moderate risk of experiencing bushfires, so those in western regions shouldn't worry to much. 

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