3 signs that you should replace your rainwater tank

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Using rainwater to wash clothes, water the garden or even fill toilets can help you save quite a bit of money in utility bills. However, some water tanks aren't built to last, and it may be time to replace yours with a polyethylene storage tank.

Here are three indicators that you may need to purchase a new unit.

1. Leaking

One of the obvious defects to consider, leaks can originate at connection points or even in the body of the tank. Leaks at the sealed inflow or first flush diverter may be easy fixes, and don't usually suggest problems with the tank itself.

Look for cracks or any other signs of deterioration around the body of the tank. If you're going to have to apply improvised fixes, you should consider replacing your tank.

2. Corrosion

Although polyethylene water tanks are slowly replacing galvanised steel alternatives, the latter have been popular for some time. If you own an older house or commercial building, there's a chance your water tank may be made of galvanised steel.

While they won't tarnish overnight, galvanised steel tanks aren't inherently resistant to corrosion, according to the Australian Health Protection Committee. Even if the tanks are made from corrosion-resistant coatings, you'll have to clean the tank continuously to prevent deterioration.

If you find any signs of such deterioration, it's best to replace your unit with a polyethylene alternative.

3. You make an addition

For whatever reason, you've decided to construct an addition, whether that be a loading bay or barbecue deck. If you have a round water tank, it's possible that it may get in the way. If you still want to collect rainwater, you can procure a modular water tank, which will conform to the shape of your building. These units are typically unobtrusive and easy to install.

By Gerald Beckton

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