Why UV Resistance is Important to Consider When Choosing a Water Tank

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A water tank can be a great investment to save water for dry spells and cut down on water bills. If your water tank wears down from harsh weather and cracks, however, you’ll lose both the tank and the water you’ve saved – not a great investment. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to choose a water tank made from material with high UV resistance. Below, we’ll break down how UV can affect water tanks and what kind of material stands up best to the summer weather in Australia and New Zealand.

The Risk of Ultraviolet Exposure

Most water tanks are located outside in the open, meaning they have near-constant exposure to the elements. Over the summer that can mean a lot of sunshine. Most water tanks are made from a kind of plastic called polyethylene. If these tanks aren’t properly treated, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause the polyethylene to break down. Eventually, the material becomes brittle and develops small cracks, leading to leaks. The UV exposure can totally destroy a water tank that does not have sufficient UV resistance.

Alkatuff: “Tough in the Sun” Isn’t Just a Logo

Both Australia and New Zealand have set standards for water tanks’ UV resistance; they require a rating of UV8. When choosing a water tank, you should look for one that has a rating of at least that, but ideally one that is higher. The higher the rating, the better your tank will be able to stand up to harsh summer conditions. Alkatuff is a kind of polyethylene made with a hexane (C6) comonomer, which gives it better resistance and toughness. Alkatuff has a rating above UV20, more than twice the suggested industry standard. The Alkatuff material has been rigorously tested under extremes of temperature, UV radiation and inclement weather conditions for over 20,000 hours, and continues to performs excellently. That’s the kind of water tank performance you want in your backyard.

Where to Find a Tank Made with Alkatuff

Alkatuff is produced in Botany, New South Wales, and it is used by a number of water tank manufacturers around Australia and New Zealand. On the Alkatuff website, you can find a water tank manufacturer near you by simply clicking on your location. These manufacturers all have an established track record of producing high-quality, durable water tanks. If you are shopping on your own, make sure to ask what material the tank is made out of. If it’s Alkatuff polyethylene, you know it will be able to withstand the harsh UV radiation routinely encountered in Australia and New Zealand.

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