• Three poly water tanks
  • Rural panorama with poly water tank
  • Cottage with poly water tank

Water Tank Types

As versatile as they are valuable, polyethylene water tanks come in a huge range of shapes and sizes to suit any household’s needs.

Thanks to the large number of local manufacturers and suppliers, customers in Australia have an extensive array of plastic water tank types to choose from. From larger round tanks for maximum capacity to sleek, slimline options that optimise space efficiency, there’s a tank in Australia to meet any requirement.

What are the main water tank types available, and what benefits does each come with?


Most households that purchase a rainwater tank want to ensure it makes minimum visual impact on their property. A slimline water tank is therefore an ideal option for those who want the storage capacity of a decent tank, while fitting in discreetly with the home and its surroundings.

With their slim profile, durability and low weight, slimline water tanks are a great choice for smaller houses. They can be set up closely along the side of a house to save as much space as possible, and come in a variety of shapes (such as rectangular or rounded) to match your preferences.


Perhaps the most common water tank type seen around the country, the classic round water tank offers unbeatable storage capability. The largest tanks can hold up to tens of thousands of litres, helping you maintain a reliable supply of water year-round.

They are therefore suitable for particularly dry areas where long-term harvesting and storage of rainwater is critical. Thanks to their size, these tanks are also used for rural and agricultural applications.

Both slimline and round water tanks come in a wide range of Colorbond colours that can blend in with your home and complement its visual appeal.


For those who want the most aesthetically pleasing and space-saving option, it’s hard to look beyond an underground tank. As their name suggests, underground tanks are installed under your property and are therefore completely hidden from view.

Not only does this eliminate the visual presence of a water tank in your living space, it also saves a substantial amount of land – a crucial consideration for homes where space is limited.

Under deck

Similar to the underground alternative, under deck tanks are a cost effective way to install a full-size water tank on your property while saving valuable surface space. Tucked away under the deck of your home, your tank won’t affect the look of your property – you may forget it’s even there!

Once you’ve selected what type of tank to get, it’s time to find your nearest local supplier. Whichever water tank type you choose, make sure it is one made of Alkatuff – the Australian-made polyethylene that’s tough in the sun.