Why choose a polyethylene water tank?

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Many Australian households choose to invest in a rainwater tank to help manage their year-round water storage, and these come in many different materials. However, when all factors are considered, it’s hard to look past a polyethylene water tank.

Firstly, the unique physical and chemical properties of polyethylene make it the best material for water tanks – especially in a country such as Australia. Most modern polyethylene is manufactured with a range of additives that enhance its quality, for example added UV resistance, meaning it can withstand Australia’s fierce sunlight.

As polyethylene is a food grade plastic and doesn’t corrode, it also means the water stored in the tank is not compromised.

Polyethylene water tanks also tend to be lighter and easier to manoeuvre and install than those made from other materials. Their relatively low price compared to some other tanks of the market also make them a more cost-effective option, and the best poly tanks can give you decades of reliable use.

These benefits of polyethylene are only made all the more attractive when you consider the numerous drawbacks associated with other materials. Steel tanks, for instance, have enjoyed popularity across Australia, but a possible weak point is the chance of corrosion – affecting the security of your water. It’s possible to upgrade these tanks to reduce these risks, but it can be an expensive option.

Fibreglass tanks, on the other hand, are known for their lightness and portability, but this is also where they tend to fail – with cracking a common problem. The thin material used also allows more light into the tank, prompting algae growth.

Lastly, concrete tanks are a favourable option for some given their sturdiness, but are simply not feasible for many households. This is down to the fact that they are generally on the more expensive end of the scale, need to be constructed on-site and can leak lime into the stored water.

Eliminate any concerns you may hold by selecting a poly water tank – and make sure you choose one made of Alkatuff, the Australian-made polyethylene that’s tough in the sun.

By Gerald Beckton

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