Using a rainwater tank to “live off the grid”

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In the grand scheme of lowering water and electricity bills, some Australians are taking to finding their own sources of renewable water and power. When this is taken a little further, a household can have almost no impact on the environment.

Real estate website Domain recently reported on the matter, with the publication saying that "many Australians are making the switch to live off the grid". Spurred by their lower cost and global impact, living in this way, the report says, is "more achievable than ever before".

A polyethylene water tank commonly plays a big part in any means to seriously reduce water wastage. According to the Domain report, one fine example of this type of living is in Goongerah​, Victoria, where properties rely on solar energy for power and water is stored in various-sized tanks.

For anyone hoping to rely on rainwater to this extent, by cutting back on public utilities entirely, it pays to invest in the right poly water tank. With so much riding on the durability and longevity of the product, a buyer should look into the pressures constantly placed on the tank.

What to look for in a poly water tank

First, is the physical strength of the tank, with rotational moulding the go-to manufacturing method to ensure there are no weak points in the overall structure. A water tank should also be made of a linear low-density polyethylene with a strong comonomer.

In the fierce Australian climate, it's necessary for the tank to be built specifically for life Down Under. That means having exceptional ultraviolet resilience and creep resistance. 

Alkatuff is a polyethylene resin designed to last in the most testing environments, to make sure a water storage scheme has every chance of succeeding, no matter how heavily it is relied upon.

To learn more about what questions you should ask your water tank supplier, check out our infographic by clicking here.

By Gerald Beckton

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