Tough Australian conditions call for a tough Australian water tank

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Australia is categorised largely by its harsh conditions and turbulent weather events. The rural outback is a beautiful place, but it is also brutal and unforgiving in nature.

Although temperatures and wind speeds will vary across the country, there are parts of Australia that regularly record highs touching 40 degrees Celcius in the summer months, and others that have to endure violent storms and intense gusts in the rainy season.

To make matters worse, the Australian outback looks set to become an even harsher environment in years to come.

According to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia has seen an escalation in the numbers of extreme weather events, such as heatwaves, droughts and floods, recorded in recent years. This cannot be attributed to one single factor, but instead is the result of a number of compounding issues.

Climate change, population and settlement spread, and a society increasingly vulnerable to severe weather have all contributed to larger and more damaging weather events over the last few decades.

For these reasons and more, Australians cannot afford to take the risk when it comes to investing in a quality water tank. For the tough conditions of Australia, you need a tough water tank that is built to last.

Why a water tank produced from Alkatuff is made for Australian environments

Alkatuff polyethylene is the only Australian-made poly resin, and as such, is the only water tank resin manufactured specifically for the unique conditions of the land down under.

With a UV performance level and an Environmental Stress Crack Resistance both twice that of the current national standards, you can bet on polyethylene water tanks made from Alkatuff to last far longer without notable degradation.

Water tanks produced from Alkatuff polyethylene will also offer reduced risk of oxidation and discolouration, due to superior thermal stability in comparison with competitive products.

If your water tank is made from Alkatuff poly, you’ll be able to rely on it for long life and consistent performance. So ask for Alkatuff polyethylene the next time you are looking for a water tank that is Tough in the Sun.

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