Tips for choosing the right water tank colour

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For those buying a rainwater tank, there's quite a range of factors to think about in the purchase process. From the tank's size to what material it is made of, each point needs careful consideration and plays a part in the final type you select.

The most obvious point of consideration involves where you'll situate your tank, and how you can ensure the tank blends in as naturally as possible with its surroundings. Fortunately, poly water tanks now come in a huge array of colours and shades, so you'll likely have no problem finding one that matches your property.

Ultimately, the choice is yours, and you should discuss with a tank supplier your aesthetic and use requirements when deciding on a colour. And with most manufacturers offering a diverse palette of shades – including those that match in with the Colorbond range of roof, gutter and downpipe colours – you'll be spoilt for choice.

Speak to your local poly water tank supplier or visit their website to check out the vast range of colours available. Whichever hue you eventually opt for, make sure you choose a tank made of Alkatuff, the polyethylene that has been specially designed to last in Australia's harsh conditions.

By Gerald Beckton

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