Sydney freezes during coldest May

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Sydney dwellers are about to wake up to some of the frostiest mornings on record. According to exclusive reports by the Guardian Australia, it hasn't been this cold at Richmond airport since 1987.

Jumping Jack Frost

The Bureau of Meteorology's forecaster, Rob Taggart, told the Guardian that the temperatures were unique for this time of year. Despite these freezing temperatures, Sydney and other parts of New South Wales are about to break the record for the warmest autumn on record.

Taggart explained that a cold front had moved over New South Wales, taking with it a drier air mass. This has been followed by a high-pressure system. This high-pressure system has brought with it light winds and blue skies.

"We've never had an autumn average of maximum temperatures this high," said Taggart.

New records

A low of 7.3C was recorded at the Sydney weather station on Sydney Observatory Hill at just after 7am low of 7.3C was recorded.

This temperature made it the coldest May morning in five years, where 7.3C was also recorded there in 2011. Rob Taggart explained that the temperatures the BOM have been recording are not just fractionally over, but dramatically so – with large margins.

"Particularly for the daytime temperatures, the record has been cleared by such a margin… that it's just basically inevitable," Taggart said

Meanwhile, stations in New South Wales and the Hunter regions both also hit record temperatures for this time of year of above 16.8C – 0.3C over their previous records.

A warm autumn ahead

Things won't be freezing forever – BOM has stated that Sydney is still set to have a hot autmn, looking likely to be its warmest. 

By Gerald Beckton

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