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Address : Marong VIC

Types :
Slimline Water Tanks, Round Water Tanks

Sizes :
225 Litres – 33,750 Litres

Description :


As suppliers of polyethylene tank products - from grease traps to silos - WaterStore Poly Tanks has a lot of experience when it comes to storage solutions.

After beginning life in 1984 as Eaglehawk, WaterStore dabbled in concrete and fibreglass tanks before technology moved on and allowed them to focus on tough, affordable polyethylene rainwater tanks.

Today, the team has the resources and the know-how to manufacture rainwater tanks specifically for the local environment.

After all, Australia has a harsh and changeable climate. A poly water tank needs to be engineered to withstand the rough as well as the smooth. By building high-quality rainwater tanks for local conditions, WaterStore is able to meet the demands placed on Victorians and their properties.

A family-owned and -operated business based in Marong, WaterStore's facilities are right in the middle of the Garden State. It positions them perfectly for building plastic water tanks for local households and businesses, while the team will also deliver to New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia.

These products begin on the smaller scale, with a 225-litre water tank capable of collecting modest amounts of water for light use. It might be for watering pot plants or for camping purposes; the water stored in such a tank can help to cut back on the amount of public water used in the drier months - helping communities save money.

For those who need more water, WaterStore designs and builds a range of 2,000-litre options in a variety of styles. A round tank is perhaps the most recognisable shape, while slimline and slimline-squat models are made for properties where space is harder to come by.

At the top end of the scale is a 33,750-litre round water tank. The model is ideal for some business purposes, while households can plumb the tank into their homes to run everyday appliances - helping them significantly cut their utility bills.

Based on their experience, the company has picked up numerous accolades, including the award for Product of the Year Australasia in 2002. To ensure the quality of every tank, WaterStore's products are certified to ISO 9001 standards.

By also stocking pumps and other water tank accessories, the company has positioned itself as a supplier for complete water-storage solutions for those on the south coast.

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