Urban Poly Tanks

Urban Poly Tanks

Phone : 03 5941 9411

Fax : 03 5940 0479

Address : No. 20 Factory 5 & 6 Purton Road, Pakenham VIC 3810

Types :
Round Water Tanks, Slimline Water Tanks

Sizes :
500 Litres – 26,000 Litres

Description :

Urban Poly Tanks

Urban Poly Tanks does much more than the company's name suggests. While Australia's metropolitan regions certainly have specific criteria when buying a polyethylene water tank, the company produce a wide range of tanks in a variety of sizes for Victorian homes and businesses.

Based in Pakenham, the Australian-owned and -operated company uses the acclaimed rotational moulding method to ensure its tanks are manufactured in a secure way. That involves using polyethylene resin, melting it and rotating it in a mould to produce an even wall surface.

This makes the finished product sustainable, with little to no product waste, and much stronger than comparable methods. With no joins, there are no weak spots, meaning the poly water tank is able to withstand the tough Australian climate.

Victoria is the perfect example of what Aussie conditions can bring. The changeable weather patterns make it ideal for those who want to secure water when it does fall for those drier months. Meanwhile, with the fierce Australian sun beating down, a high-quality tank is ready to stand up to ultraviolet radiation and a range of other forms of damage.

Fortunately, suppliers like Urban Poly Tanks understand what is needed in the Victorian region to make a tank that lives up to expectations. With this manufacturing method, the company produces tanks of all shapes and sizes to suit most Australian properties.

These start at 500 litres, for homes that need a small amount of water on hand. Their round and slimline tank ranges are built to fit on properties where space is at a premium, so ideal for urban areas or those homes that need a helping hand in saving a modest amount of water.

When the product needs to be hidden away, the company also has a 2,000-litre under-deck rainwater tank, designed to slip neatly out of sight.

Urban Poly Tanks' catalogue then expands until we reach the 26,000-litre round water tank, which can store vast amounts of rain for use in a wide range of applications.

Those in the drier parts of Victoria can use these ample reserves throughout the year to water plants or wash the car. Meanwhile, the collected water can be plumbed into the house or business property and used to run everyday appliances.

Urban Poly Tanks have stock items as well as the ability to custom-build products for specific user needs. If you have a particular request, you can contact them through the website or by visiting your local dealer.

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