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Types :
Round Water Tanks

Sizes :
1,000 Litres – 25,000 Litres

Description :

Toowoomba Plastics

When it comes to getting the most out of every possible drop of rain that runs into your water reserves, you'll need a tank that is built with quality in mind. This is particularly true in Queensland where there are around 100 rainy days per year in the capital, and longer, drier portions the further north you go. This means businesses and homeowners alike are tested by the need to keep a constant supply of water on hand for various uses. If a poor quality and cheap water tank is used, the infamous Australian environment will have its way - whether that's through ultraviolet deterioration from solar rays, impacts from high winds and general use, or the slow ageing of time. Fortunately, manufacturers know this, and build polyethylene rainwater tanks at the height of specification. For example, Toowoomba Plastics use a computer-controlled method to make sure their products are of a quality that counts. Based entirely in Toowoomba, the company aims to provide the region with fast, often free delivery and a tailored service to meet almost anyone's poly water tank needs. Combine this with the claim they use more materials than usual in the manufacturing process for extra thickness and strength, and concentrate on using high-grade resin, and the Toowoomba-based business is certainly aiming for quality. Toowoomba Plastics design and manufacture tanks ranging from 1,000 to 25,000 litres. In between these two sizes are their 5,000-litre rainwater tank and a 10,000-litre model, all of which are ribbed to provide a higher structural strength against the elements. All tanks include a lower inlet for easier installation, and come with all the fittings needed to get going from day one, as well as a tap. They are also provided in a range of colours, including the unique "Jazz Tank" - for people who can't choose just one colour and would want their water tank to stand out as a feature on their property. By being constructed using one piece of moulded polyethylene, there's no need for a supporting pole, and without any welding joints, there are no weak links in the design. When a poly water tank is faced with the everyday Queensland extremes of blistering sun and stormy weather, it really makes a difference. Importantly, all polyethylene water tanks produced by Toowoomba Plastics meet the Australian water storage standards (4020) and are made from 100 per cent Australian-grade polyethylene.

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