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Phone : 1300 660 225 or 07 3441 5200

Fax : 07 3287 4199

Address : 56 Prairie Rd, Yatala QLD 4208

Types :
Slimline Water Tanks, Round Water Tanks

Sizes :
500 Litres – 10,000 Litres

Description :

Taylex Tanks

For around half a century, Taylex has been a family-owned company. After years in the concrete water tank business, they now specialise in making polyethylene rainwater tanks for the tough Australian environment.

In this time, Taylex staff have built more than 10,000 plastic rain water tanks with the strength to stand up to intense heat, biting winter chills and everything in between.

Based in Yatala, south of Brisbane, the Queensland manufacturer employs more than 50 local experts and uses a network of distributors to sell high-quality water tanks all over Australia - from Hobart to Darwin and Sydney to Perth.

Although the company points out that some manufacturers were looking to make a quick dollar from the simple and efficient rotational moulding process, the real benefit of the engineering innovation was in the quality of products that could be built, as well as the speed of production.

Instead of manufacturing an endless stream of sub-par products, Taylex concentrated on making high-specification polyethylene water tanks using evenly moulded resin and making the final product a strong, seamless whole. Uniquely, the company make three brands of water tank, to ensure they are focusing on achieving this top-notch standard every time.

  • The House Hugger is a slimline poly water tank with a capacity of 500 litres. By plumbing these together, Taylex can manufacture systems that hold up to 2,000 litres of water for a home or business.
  • The Fat Boy range is similar, except these slightly chunkier slimline water tanks hold 1,250 litres a piece. By connecting four Fat Boys, 5,000 litres of water can be stored and used throughout the year.
  • Finally, for those properties that use a higher amount of water, Taylex's round water tanks are built to either a 3,000-, 5,000- or 10,000-litre capacity.

With a 10-year warranty on all products, buyers get the peace of mind from knowing their investment is backed up by the engineers themselves. The company also encourages people with specific challenges to get in touch so they can show off their wares and build a bespoke solution.

So, wherever you are in Australia, if you want your tank built by people who understand the challenges of the Australian environment, give Taylex a call.

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