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Types :
Round Water Tanks

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5,000 Litres – 22,500 Litres

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What size water tank do you need? What shape, colour other considerations should be taken into account when buying a polyethylene water tank? These are some of the questions to pose to your water tank supplier; and with more than three decades of experience behind them, Tankpoly has the expertise to answer them for you.

After all, you'll want to make sure your water tank suits your property requirements and personal choices. With the right information behind you, it's possible to make the most out of virtually every drop of water that lands on your roof and include it in your scheme to lower water usage and cut utility bills.

There are few better places to do this than in South Australia, which is one of the driest states in the country. Adelaide receives around 550 millimetres of rainfall per annum, according to the Bureau of Meteorology. Compare this with other state capitals like Sydney and Melbourne, both of which record around 1,000 millimetres a year, and there's a real need to harvest rainwater and plan for the drier months.

This is where Tankpoly is able to step in and help. The family-owned business works out of Lonsdale, south of Adelaide. From here they design and manufacture rainwater tanks that are built for the harsh and typically dry Australian climate.

To make sure the finished product suits the needs of a great deal of personal buyer choices, they offer tanks in a range of colours, styles and sizes. This starts with a 5,000-litre poly water tank, for storing modest amounts of rainwater. This can then be put to use in a variety of applications - from watering the lawn and washing the car to running certain appliances.

In between are the 9,000- and 11,500-litre variants, which increase in size and water storage capacity for those requiring a little extra help in those dry periods.

At the high end of the scale, Tankpoly designs and builds 22,500-litre tanks, for families or businesses who want enough water to last for bigger applications all year round.

Each polyethylene tank is designed using the rotational moulding process, which ensures an even wall structure and creates a tank with no weak spots. So confident is the company in their tried and tested engineering processes that each tank comes with a 10-year warranty.

Every Tankpoly product comes ready to install with overflow, brass outlets, light shield and brass valve. If you live in Adelaide, the company also offers free delivery to your home or business address.

So, if you're looking for a poly water tank that lasts the distance, give Tankpoly a call for a free quote.

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