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Address : Sarina, Queensland

Types :
Round Water Tanks, Squat Water Tanks

Sizes :
1,000 Litres – 5,000 Litres

Description :

Supapoly Rainwater Tanks

When you think of a polyethylene water tank, your mind first goes to the huge, freestanding structures that sit on large farms. While these hold and distribute incredible amounts of water, and allow the landowner to save substantial amounts of money, the benefits are not only for large businesses.

After all, reducing wastage and relying on rainwater over the recycled mains water is something almost anyone can get behind - not just huge companies and farms.

Smaller-property owners can scale the same application down and buy a polyethylene water tank for home use. While you won't need a tower to raise your water tank off the ground, you will need to find the right tank for the job.

When it comes to buying a poly water tank in Sarina, Mackay or Queensland in general, Supapoly Rainwater Tanks are able to offer some great products for those who don't want a large tank taking up too much space.

Supapoly's range begins at 1,000 litres, meaning a home can get enough water for smaller jobs - watering plants or washing the car once in a while. For wider usage - and to bring that utility bill even lower - a 5,100-litre water tank can provide enough water to last a household through the dry months.

Overall there are five different sizes in the Superpoly catalogue:
  • 1,000-litre rainwater tank
  • 1,700-litre rainwater tank
  • 3,000-litre slimline or round rainwater tank
  • 5,000-litre round or squat rainwater tank
  • 5,100-litre slimline tank (3 x 1,700-litre connected tanks)

Customisation is key, and Superpoly's tanks come in one of 24 colours, so it's easier to find a product that meets both your personal taste and the style of your property. These are designed to also match the Colourbond® housing product colour chart, so customers can find it easier to maintain continuity throughout their property.

The company started in 2008 with the aim to deliver superior quality plastic rainwater tanks for residential purposes, and with a small but concise range, they've certainly been able to deliver a high standard to local homes.

After all, being based in Sarina, the company knows what is needed to make a tank capable of standing up to the weather seen on the changeable Queensland coastal region.

What's more, they can do it quickly, with an impressive turnaround time that sees them engineering and delivering your new poly water tank within three working days from the date it is ordered.

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