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Rain Cycle

There are many reasons why people choose to install a polyethylene water tank on their premises. Harvesting, storing and utilising rainwater is an effective way of reducing your reliance on water from your mains supply.

By cutting back on water that has gone through the time-heavy water recycling process, a poly tank owner can see their water bills drop sharply, have less of an environmental impact, and even secure their home for times of drought.

A poly water tank is designed with the household in mind, and created by experts all over Australia - the ones who know or can otherwise identify what type of tank you need.

When it comes to buying a poly water tank in New South Wales, Rain Cycle knows the industry back to front, and take a holistic approach to solving your water storage needs.

The first of these you might have is choosing the right size tank for your particular location and usage intentions.

For example, a household may need a compact tank to capture and store enough water for extensive gardening during the summer months - to ensure plants won't wilt under the fierce Aussie sun. A smaller, slimline tank will be your weapon of choice, helping you to fight off rising utility bills.

The Rain Cycle slimline range starts at tall-modular 1,000-litre tanks and grows up to 3,250-litre skinny-slim-module units. These can be tucked away in a quiet area of your property, or colour coordinated to your home to allow it to blend in naturally with the scenery.

However, the company's range does not stop there, and larger round tanks can be created specifically with your home in mind, and then installed either above or below ground.

Rain Cycle has extensive experience, knowledge and skill in making your water storage and distribution efforts stretch a long way. If you wish to utilise harvested rainwater more thoroughly throughout your home, the company can guide you to creating a system that's integrated with your property.

With the right tools, a water tank can be plumbed into practically any home to allow clean and hygienic water to be used for everything from flushing the toilet to washing your clothes.

Finally, Rain Cycle uses Alkatuff polyethylene in the manufacturing process, so your new tank will be backed up by a name you know and trust. Ask for Alkatuff to ensure you get the strongest possible tank, and one that can survive the varied NSW climate.

So, if you want your entire water storage initiative to be designed with your home in mind, give Rain Cycle a call and tell them what you need - we're sure they'll be able to live up to all your expectations.

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