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Quality Tanks

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Address : 54-56 Union Circuit, Yatala QLD 4207

Types :
Round Water Tanks

Sizes :
750 Litres – 9000 Litres

Description :

Quality Tanks

From the company name to the products produced, Quality Tanks has dedicated its entire brand to one thing: providing Queensland residents with high-quality storage containers.

These include septic tanks, waste water systems, and rainwater tanks, with the Yatala-based company basing its tank-building expertise on a long history of success.

Quality Tanks began in 1973 with one product type - rainwater tanks - and a lot of ambition to make the best tanks possible. Based at the time on the Gold Coast, the company continued to produce water tanks until the current owners (a family from Melbourne) took them over.

The company soon diversified, bringing the methodology learnt in the water tank production stage to make similar products. Soon, the company was able to make large water tanks of exceptional quality, and began to grow - buying an oversize tank truck and continuing to modernise their manufacturing facilities and equipment.

Now, decades later, Quality Tanks is able to live up to its name more than ever, delivering a range of plastic water tank products to south-east Queensland.

The Quality Tanks catalogue includes polyethylene variants ranging from a 750-litre capacity up to a mid-ranged 9,000 litres. Somewhere in between sits the 5,000 litre water tank, which is generally a good size for households looking for significant water storage without taking up too much real estate.

The tanks also come in a variety of colours, which the manufacturer has made to suit individual style and preferences. These include, merino, smooth cream, river gum green, wheat, heritage red, heritage green and torris blue.

On top of their sales presence, Quality Tanks will also take the time to assist during the installation process, making sure your new poly water tank is set up to start providing water- and money-saving benefits from day one.

Improving the environment is a focus for the company, and through their connection with Origin Energy, the owners hope to help businesses and households reduce their water wastage in the same way.

If you are based in the area and need your water tank delivered fast, the company promises to deliver your new product within three days. Add this to Quality Tanks' 10-year warranty, and users should find what they're looking for in both the short and long term.

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