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Types :
Round Water Tanks

Sizes :
1,000 Litres – 25,000 Litres

Description :

Propoly Tanks

To make sure your tank is designed to stand up to the challenges faced in each Australian state, manufacturers are located all around the country, with local industry experts on hand to guide buyers to their ideal purchase.

That's what Propoly Tanks have been doing for years, with a particular emphasis on quality.

After all, strength is everything when buying a water tank. Once you've decided the size and colour of your new tank, you'll want to make sure the final product is built with quality at the top of the agenda.

Australia is a difficult place for outdoor products to last. Ultraviolet solar radiation deteriorates everything the sun shines on, and this happens in an exceptionally short space of time Down Under, where UV strength is higher than in most other countries.

On top of this is the likelihood of impact from general use and the fact that water is deceptively heavy, placing a constant strain on storage containers. A litre of water weighs almost one kilogram, meaning a 1,000-litre water tank will hold around a tonne of the precious liquid.

Now consider that water tanks made by manufacturer Propoly go as large as 25,000 litres and there is an enormous amount of weight put on the side walls.

All this forms the reason why manufacturers concentrate on using high-quality polyethylene resin to make their strongest water tanks, capable of standing up to the sun, storms, impacts and the passage of time.

Propoly Tanks' catalogue starts with 1,000-litre models designed to fit easily into properties where space is at a premium. For those who need more water, the north-Adelaide-based suppliers engineer tanks sized at 5,000 litres, with the range continuing all the way up to those capable of holding 25,000 litres.

Propoly Tanks claims to use a higher quantity of polyethylene resin during the moulding process than you'd usually find, to make tanks of exceptionally high wall strength - the type needed to survive in the tough South Australian climate.

With such an emphasis on robustness, Propoly's standard 15-year warranty nods to the level of quality the family-owned business aims for with every tank.

The products also come in a range of colours, so it's easier to find one that matches your home or business property, and the manufacturers will also deliver for free in the Adelaide metropolitan area.

So, if you're looking to buy a heavy-duty water tank in Adelaide, be sure to check that your manufacturer focuses on quality, as Propoly Tanks does.

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