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Types :
Round Water Tanks, Slimline Ware Tanks, Stackable Water Tanks, Modular Water Tanks

Sizes :
200 Litres – 15,000Litres

Description :


There's no substitute for experience when it comes to quality, and if you're looking for a polyethylene water tank, few manufacturers can match Polyworld

Established in 1994 and based in Queensland, Polyworld has been supplying households and businesses in the state with quality rotomoulded water tanks for decades. Catering to a vast range of applications and industries and with a strong focus on continuous innovation, it's no wonder customers come to Polyworld time and time again.

Polyworld produces one of the most diverse ranges of rainwater tanks in the country. With high-quality round, slimline, stackable and modular tanks in its product lineup, there's a tank for every property. The vast selection of tank shapes and sizes means Polyworld stocks a solution for practically any application.

Tank capacities are just as diverse, ranging from 200 to 23,000 litres.

Polyworld's strict quality control standards ensure its plastic water tanks continue to be among the most revered in the market. The high-quality, food-grade polyethylene used in manufacture not only prevents the water inside the tank from being compromised, but also ensures the longevity of the tank itself.

The company isn't just committed to supplying the best tanks today, though. Polyworld has its own dedicated research and development team hard at work to make sure its tanks remain at the leading edge of the industry. With a commitment to gathering and responding to customer feedback, the company strives to supply products that meet your needs.

Polyworld also holds a number of key industry patents and is responsible for bringing many unique designs to the market. There really is no surprise behind the company winning the 2011 'What's Your Big Idea Queensland' award for innovation and entrepreneurship.

A strong focus on sustainability also means Polyworld plays its part in protecting the environment. Only fully recyclable materials are used in manufacturing, and the company even has its own recycling facilities on site. 

If you're based in Queensland and searching for a reliable polyethylene water tank solution, there is little reason to look past Polyworld for all your needs. Check out the company's website for its full product range - and make sure you ask for Alkatuff, the polyethylene that's made to last in Australia's sun.

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